Why The Tipi People? 


Our Team

Our Tipis 

With years behind us, it’s fair to say we know what it takes to make beautiful and memorable Tipi events. We’ve come up against many challenges over the years and risen to each and every one. From unpredictable British weather, tricky sites, complicated builds to constrictive time restraints we still have 100% track record !

We are a family run business and we are passionate about our Tipis. We love what we do and love working with our clients to get their day perfect.

Our Tipis are manufactured by Oasis Tipis they are very high quality, durable, weatherproof and fantastic products.

Day or Night call us

Attention To Detail

Finishing Touches

The nature of outdoor events means you have to be prepared for all eventualities and here at The Tipi People we are ! Call us day or night if you have any issues big or small and we will be there.

Over the years we’ve refined our techniques and we understand the importance of a polished finish. From taught canvases to seamless carpets Our experienced crew are the finest the industry has to offer. They can advise you on the best Tipi formations, locations and openings to ensure guests comfort and wedding and event excellence.

We offer a wide range of extras including Rustic bars,dance floors, glitter balls, flower rings, panoramic windows, sides lifted, flower barrels, porches, fire pits and much more. 

Good Relationships

Repeat Clients

Relationships make the world go round, especially when it comes to weddings and events. Over the years we have created trusted partnerships with those all-important amenity providers and work closely with venues, florists and caterers to achieve the ultimate in event perfection.

We truly believe that one of the best measures of success is repeat business; the clients who loved our products and service so much that they return year on year to repeat their experience. We’re proud to name BBC and Land Rover as our repeat clients.