Finishing Touches

Flower Rings

ti-pi bar.jpg

Create the ultimate floral showstopper with our beautiful flower ring. Hang it above your bar or entrance area.

Rustic Bar

ti-pi bar.jpg

Much more than a drinks dispensary, a bar creates a focal point for your guests to mingle and unite.

Round Tables & chiavari Chairs


We can fit our Tipis with our large round tables and Chiavari chairs 

Dance Floors


Give your guests the best experience with one of our dance floors with a large glitter ball sparkling above.

Flower Barrels 

flowers 2.jpg

the perfect plinths for glamorous cocktails and florals

Panoramic Window


Perfect for a little extra space or if your Tipi is looking onto a beautiful location.

Fairy Lights


Beautiful fairy lights on all poles look magical on a night.

Tables & Benches

Inside tipi.jpg

Our most popular seating option the Tables and Benches are a perfect fit for our Tipis 

Fire Pits


The perfect focal point for all of your guests our fire pits burn bio ethanmol fuel so no fumes !

Sides Lifted 


Perfect for those summer days we can lift the sides of you Tipi up giving you an amazing space with lots of light. (weather permitting)