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Single Tipi 


1 Giant Tipi fits around 50 guests. 


The Tipi is aprox 10 mts diam. It is supplied with carpets to all seating areas, choice of rustic tables and bench seats, or round tables and chairs, we fit fairy lights to all internal poles. The Tipi also has a porch fitted with two wood doors or the front lifted giving you an amazing entrance into the Tipi (weather permitting). We also include our Rustic Fire Pit with the single Tipi 

We can add Panoramic windows for more space in your Tipi, Rustic bars, Flower rings, Dance floors and much more. take a look at the finishing touches page for more. 


We can fit the Tipi a day or 2 prior to your date so giving you time to add your decorations.


The total price would be £2,499

If you would like to book a Tipi we would need a £400-00 deposit and the balance 2 weeks prior to your date.

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