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It can be pitched all sides down, all sides up, Porch on with double wood doors or a combination of both. It is this flexibility that enables multiple Giant tipis to be linked in limitless configurations.


The Tipis can be warmed by external heaters without compromising its outstanding protection from the elements. The sides of the Tipi can be lifted to make to most of a beautiful summers day or lowered to keep the interior toasty warm. 

One Tipi has a diameter of approx. 10 meters and can comfortably accommodate 50 people for a sit down meal.

The Tipi’s can be joined together to make one large party space.

Two Tipi’s joined together can host 120 for a sit down meal.



the tipi people bride - Copy.JPG

How Many Tipis Do I Need ?

As a rough guide we recommend the following. 

Up To 50 People - 1 Tipi
60 - 120 People - 2 Tipis
120 - 150 People - 3 Tipis 
150 + - 4 Tipis

Tipi Packages >


Having a small get together or have limited space ? The Baby Tipi is perfect !

With a diameter of 6mtrs the Baby Tipi packs a big punch. With space for up to 12 people seated and a fire pit its ideal for Birthdays and sleepovers . It can be used as extra outdoor space for parties or the main attraction. 



hat 6.jpg


The Tipi Hat is perfect for a covered bar area, band stand or just extra space outside of your Tipi. They make a great addition to any Tipi setup. 

Shelter up to 16 people seated under our 25m2 canopy, or up to 30 people standing. The base can fit within 6.5m square footprint, making it perfect for smaller spaces.



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